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Beyond Description
You Are Totally and Perfectly Free Right Now

Explorations of consciousness and the non-dual perspective

Writings, recordings, music and more
Burt Jurgens, Author
When you change your perspective,
Everything Changes
Burt is a researcher, writer, musician, hypnotist and coach. He blends his insights into the latest cutting edge science which tells us that consciousness is all there is, with the ancient non-dual perspective and modern NLP, hypnosis, and neuroscience to help others create positive change in their lives and release unneeded suffering.
Beyond Description
The original book created from a series of spontaneous writings which emerged in 2005.
Aren't You Just This?
A compilation of dialogs including questions from readers of Beyond Description and responses from the author which unravel remaining questions.
Awareness Is Non-Conceptual
The third volume aimed at the "spiritual seekers" who have realized that presence awareness is what they are seeking, yet they still feel that they are something separate from that.
Full-On Being
The fourth and final? volume of the Beyond Description series.
Additional Works
Audio recordings and more...
Chiron Piano Music
Original piano music by Burt Jurgens
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